The  ‘Get it Gone’ Formula   ~
Eliminate Distractions and Tidy Up Your Paper Clutter with These Organizing Strategies
Join our 6-Week Masterclass to take decisive action towards organizing your papers with step-by-step guidance, group interaction, and unwavering support.

By the end, you'll have streamlined your paper clutter and gained back 3 hours every week, providing you with greater freedom in your life..

Are you struggling with scattered stacks of paper and feeling overwhelmed by not knowing the next action to take with them?

Are you worried that any organizing tactic you try will only provide temporary relief and not solve the problem long-term?

Do you fear that getting organized will be too time-consuming?

Fear not!  This class provides you with a straightforward, step-by-step system to help you quickly find the papers you need in just 30 seconds, easily eliminate your paper piles, and gain at least 12 additional hours of productivity every month.

Say goodbye to the frustration of disorganized papers and hello to a more efficient, effective way of managing your documents.

And for those who are highly motivated and seeking to take their business to the next level, I am excited to offer access to my exclusive 'Get it Gone' Formula.

Why settle for mediocrity when you have the potential to achieve greatness with this cutting-edge formula?

Take your business to new heights by streamlining your processes, eliminating clutter, and maximizing productivity.

Embrace your inner power and unlock your full potential with this powerful system.

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I want to share a little secret with you: papers can drain your energy more than anything else in your environment.

Over the past 18 years as a professional organizer, I've learned that paper piles are one of the biggest pain points my clients face.

Shuffling through disorganized papers can lead to financial and time management challenges, but here's the good news: 90% of clients I help get organized end up making - and even finding - more money.

Time is our most valuable commodity, and it's in finite supply. It's crucial that we protect our time and use it wisely. Before we dive into more details, let me ask you something...

How often do you experience this:
  • ​Wasting hours searching for documents you know you created but can't find?
  • ​Feeling overwhelmed by a heavy workload or schedule?
  • ​Juggling multiple to-do lists that never seem to get done?
  • ​Struggling with overflowing workspaces and drawers full of unidentified items?
  • ​Filing an extension with the IRS every year because you're not prepared to submit on time?
  • ​Wanting to tackle your papers, but not sure how to do it?
  • ​Losing sleep worrying about things falling through the cracks?
  • ​Craving a more efficient way of doing things?
  • ​Feeling like other people dictate your day based on their agenda?
  • ​Avoiding important tasks in favor of easier ones?
  • ​Experiencing daily anxiety about unfinished tasks?
  • ​Dealing with a hectic, chaotic schedule that requires you to put out fires on the fly?
  • ​Moving on to the next task without even having time to celebrate a win?
If any of these scenarios sound familiar, then it's time to take action and regain control of your time and productivity. With the right tools and strategies, you can overcome these challenges and create a more efficient, streamlined way of working.

In a moment I’m going to tell you how I can help you get out of the clutter and chaos that cause these experiences.

Some of the main challenges that come with being disorganized with money include:
  • ​You file an extension with the IRS every year because you are not prepared to submit on time
  • ​You overpay taxes due to missing receipts
  • ​​You incur late fees from losing bills in stacks of paper
  • ​​You have loose pieces of paper to manage your ‘to dos’
  • Failing to complete important projects that could accelerate your success
These challenges can cost you time, money, and peace of mind.

But the good news is that you don't have to keep living with clutter and chaos.

With the right strategies and support, you can take control of your finances and your business. I can help you get there.

There are a lot of costs that are directly related to being cluttered and disorganized.
According to experts, chaos in your environment can eat up 3 hours of your time every single week when you hint and search for missing papers and other documents.
Lack of organization can not only harm your finances but it can also affect your health.  Poor health or disease is much more serious than simply being stressed.
A few years ago, one of my clients hired me specifically because she discovered that she had overpaid more than $70K in taxes to the IRS because her papers and receipts were not organized!
Like my client discovered, not organizing your paperwork wil actually cost you money, whether it is actual dollars like my client and her tax return but actual hours!
And as we know time = money.
Time is the one thing that is in finite supply in our life. It is our most valuable commodity and one we should protect at all costs.

As a Board Certified Professional Organizer, I watch many of my clients experience guilt and lose sleep every night because they just can’t seem to get a handle on their paper piles. They know that something super important has slipped through the cracks in their piles but they can't seem to figure out what they need to do about it.
Chaos in their environment has created havoc in their mind and they become overwhelmed and exhausted trying to remain clear minded.
There are many hidden reasons why people are disorganized and live in cluttered surroundings.
It could be that they are avoiding something, and I don’t necessarily mean housework!
This is the perfect opportunity for you to confront the cause of your clutter which almost always begins with paper piles.
If you’re committed to fix this - and do it quickly - then...
The  ‘Get it Gone’ Formula
How to Organize Your Paper Piles and Eliminate Your Distractions
This Program Includes:
  • This program is designed to help individuals get organized with their paper piles and eliminate clutter in both personal and business documents.
  • ​It includes:
  • ​6 live group coaching sessions
  • ​Access to recordings in case of missed sessions
  • ​Full online training videos
  • ​A Freedom Filer kit of pre-printed and customizable labels
  • ​Access to a Voxer group support system for real-time feedback on maintaining a sustainable filing system.
  • ​Overall, it is a comprehensive program to help individuals take control of their paper clutter and maintain a more organized environment.

By investing in this program, you are not only taking steps to improve your physical environment, but also your mental and financial wellbeing.

You will be able to reclaim those 3 hours a week spent searching for documents and eliminate the stress and guilt that comes with disorganization.

Additionally, with a properly organized system, you can avoid costly mistakes like overpaying taxes or missing important deadlines.

It's important to recognize that clutter and disorganization can have a negative impact on many areas of our lives, and addressing it can lead to significant improvements in our overall wellbeing.

So take this opportunity to tackle your paper piles and create sustainable habits for maintaining an organized system.

If that's not enough, I'm including all these extra bonuses...
Bonus #1: [Freedom Filer Labeling System]
Are Your Papers Piled Instead or Filed?
Are you drowning in a sea of papers that are piled instead of filed? Do you find yourself wasting precious time trying to locate important documents or struggling to get rid of papers you no longer need? If so, it's time to take control of your paper organization and simplify your life with Freedom Filer.

Unlike traditional filing systems, Freedom Filer not only helps you find papers quickly but also ensures that papers you no longer need are removed from your life. In fact, the system is designed to eliminate over 80% of papers that are never seen once filed.

As a certified paper flow specialist, I have helped countless individuals, home-based businesses, and corporations implement the Freedom Filer system to meet their unique needs. The system is completely customizable and tailored to work for every situation. With my expertise, you can take control of your paper flow and ensure that your papers are under control and flowing out of your life on a regular basis.

Bonus #2: Autographed copy of best-selling book How To Master Your Muck
Small businesses often fail due to disorganization and an inability to see the big picture amidst the overwhelming details. No matter what your particular challenges are, there are reliable and effective methods to help you break free from feeling stuck.

In this book, we tackle the most common areas where people get stuck - paper piles, time management, and technology overload. By following the proven strategies and techniques outlined in these pages, you'll be able to clear away the clutter and get back on track towards achieving your goals.

Bonus #3 Simple Office Organizing Report
Organizing your home office can lead to increased productivity and a more successful and less stressful life, even while working full or part-time from home. With an organized office and a well-planned schedule, you can confidently cross tasks off your list and enjoy your weekends without nagging thoughts of unfinished work.

  • This report offers strategies to help you handle your to-do lists more effectively,
  • ​Take control of your schedule for better focus,
  • ​​Determine the best office configuration for heightened productivity,
  • ​​Organize your office supplies for easy access
  • ​​Create an efficient and stress-free work environment
  • ​Achieve your goals and enjoy more free time.

Bonus #4:Email Management Made Easy: A Simple Checklist to Tame Your Inbox
By spending just a few minutes each day attending to your mail, you can save yourself hours of frustration in the long run. Make the decision now to develop some simple and effective habits to keep your mail under control and prevent it from taking over your home and your life. This guide offers five practical and easy-to-implement habits that can help you manage your mail deluge and maintain a more organized and stress-free living space.

Bonus #5 Checklist to Take Control Of Your Time 
When every day has a pre-planned agenda and every week has 1-3 predetermined goals, items actually get crossed off of your ‘ToDO’ list.

It’s like magic!

This is why professional organizers and life coaches are always talking about goals and lists.

If you feel like your life and schedule is overtaken by a bunch of nothing, then this checklist will help you take control of your time. 
My Big Bold Guarantee!
I'm confident that you'll see a significant boost in your productivity with the 6 sessions included in this $1297 investment. If you attend the sessions and implement the strategies I outline and don't experience at least a $1000 increase in income, I'll gladly refund your investment and you can keep the videos as a thank you for trying. This is a risk-free and fair opportunity for you to take your productivity to the next level.

How’s that for risk free and fair?
I'm excited to share my proven methods for organizing papers and office spaces with a wider audience. This course, called the Get It Gone Formula, will help you eliminate distractions, increase productivity, and save three hours per week.

My private clients have paid between $2500 and $12,000 for this type of organization coaching, but I'm offering it for a fraction of that cost. As a 2023 launch special, you can save even more off my regular class price. Don't miss out on this opportunity to get more done in less time!

See What Others Say...
I am so organized now!

Thank you for my new system. I had a great day Thursday and Friday at work with the new filing system in place. I don't feel as overwhelmed as before because I really do know what I need to do and if I get distracted I have a place to put what I am working on and can go back to it later instead of having piles of papers on my desk.

KB, San Marcos

I opened the top file drawer, using the same amount of pull as before…I almost pulled the drawer clear out of the cabinet, it was so light-weight.

 I love this already…my desk is still clean! No more Sunday night dread! I’m Free!!!!

Mindy Kelley

Mindy Kelley

I am now at least 200 pounds (or more) lighter in my office and at least 1000 pounds lighter in my heart and mind. 

My creative juices are flowing and I am in business, doing what I have wanted to do all my life…write!!

Thank you Kathi, for your ability to create space…not just in my office but in my heart too! God bless you!!!

Candace Conradi


Candace Conradi

"Kathi did the impossible...took my overstuffed disorganized file system (system?...yeah, right!) and turned it into a streamlined, workable, user- friendly tool. I love to file my papers away now, because I know where they go and I know I'll be able to find them. What a blessing!

Kathi knew just what I needed to keep and what to throw away. We actually brought in a 50-gallon trashcan and filled it with outdated stuff. Do you know how liberating that is?

Mindy S

Mindy S

The action files have taken me from thinking about doing it to actually doing it. 

Having them vertically stacked instead of piles has moved my papers from stacks with no direction to simplifying my papers into having an action plan and actually doing it.

J Gilmore

Merrill Lynch

J Gilmore

Merrill Lynch
As a writer, writing/publishing consultant, and university professor, paper is my friend and my nemesis. Kathi  has provided me with tips and tricks to be organized. And I plan on joining her masterclass to see if I can do even better. Because––in full transparency––I have misplaced a few receipts and filed tax return extensions––which prevented me from having my refunds sooner! How silly of me.

Kathy Sparrow

Confidence Coach

Kathy Sparrow

Thank you Kathi. I love our new  paper flow filing system!  Your approach is the most practical for paperwork management that I have seen. 

Great way to begin the new year.

Theresa Beauchamp

Theresa Beauchamp

Had a great time listening to Kathi Burns give ideas of how to stay organized-  especially how to deal with paper clutter. She has great perspective on how that clutter affects us energetically. By clearing out- we create space for new things to come into our life- I couldn’t agree more!

Violet Fuchs Lehrer

Clarity Path Coaching

Violet Fuchs Lehrer

Clarity Path Coaching
This whole experience has taught me new concepts that are going to help me a great deal in my business development. Also being accountable to somebody helps me stay focused and on task. I do get a lot done on a daily basis but I don't necessarily get the stuff done that I should  be doing until this class. . . You kept me on track and I appreciate your help keeping me focused with clear direction and expert guidance.


For me it's notable that the zoom format in the training sessions worked really well. 

I had to leave some of my freelance gigs because of the problems I was having communicating on zoom so I was really nervous at first about how the video sessions would go, but the way you have it organized and the way you set things up really helped me as we worked together as a group.

Susan C

Thank you for your program. 

I am loving my action folders. 

It’s made a big difference. 

I’m going to keep plugging away.

Nola Peacock

Confidence Coach

Nola Peacock

Confidence Coach
Thank you for the class!  I have a very solid foundation now in place to continue with your teaching.

I have all my receipts sorted for the past two years and all my boxes and bins of paper are now organized and being filed/tossed/shredded. I am super busy with my business building (membership site all about classic cars) and of course with finishing my 4 classic car projects that now run and drive.

Thanks again for you and your has helped me a great deal.

Bill Perschke

What I like about this course was getting the papers somewhat divided so that I can scan them in and get rid of them or know what I have or don't need.

The purging, and knowing what I don't need, was the big part.

Michael Kaiser

Thank you Kathi, I was so glad to participate in this class.
It has been definitely life changing for me!

So many prior attempts and lifelong poor habits in this area.  I am relieved. 

Leslie Engle

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